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Is it safe for pregnant women to consume Probiotics, are there any benefits

Probiotics or commonly referred to as good bacteria are generally safe for consumption, especially for maintaining the health of the digestive tract. But what if consumed by pregnant women? Is this probiotic dangerous, or is it beneficial for pregnant women? Probiotics are living microorganisms, generally in the form of bacteria, which are naturally present in the intestine. Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Saccharomyces are some examples of good bacteria that help maintain the health of the digestive system. Because of its benefits, probiotics are often recommended for routine consumption. However, is it safe for pregnant women to take probiotics? Safe Probiotics for Pregnant Women Probiotics are considered safe for consumption during pregnancy, because they do not enter the fetal circulation system. In addition, consumption of probiotics is proven to not cause miscarriage, abnormalities in the fetus, babies born with low weight, and the need for a Caesarean section. If you
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Brain Training is More Important than the Theory of Brain Function Domination

There is an assumption that the function of the dominant right or left brain is very influential on a person's personality. For example, people whose right brain is more dominant are considered more subjective, creative, thinker, and act according to intuition. While people whose left brain is more dominant, are considered more logical, thorough, objective, and analytical. This assumption was not proven. Everyone does have a more active part of the brain on one side, but in carrying out its functions, the right and left brains work together and coordinate with each other. Not that if someone has more dominant brain activity on one side, then the brain on the other side becomes less functioning. This Brain Training Technique You Can Do Instead of busy thinking about the functions of the right or left brain that is more dominant in you, it is better to focus on training the brain so as not to be forgetful with age. Here are the ways: 1. Reading Expand to read, because this ac

Choices of Cold Drinks as Exercise Friends

Some people believe that drinking cold drinks after exercise is prohibited and is not good for the body. In fact, this is not true. Drinking cold drinks can prevent your body temperature from rising, refreshing, and make you feel better after exercising. In order to get results that fit your exercise goals, you not only need healthy food, but also need to pay attention to the right complementary drinks when doing sports. Because what goes into the body, including drinks, will determine how effective your exercise results are. Benefits of Cold Drinks for Sports Body fluid requirements when exercising depends on body weight and how much sweat comes out. To meet the needs of fluids, drink cold drinks before, during, or after exercising, actually it's OK because it can keep the body well hydrated, so that it can make the heart rate and body temperature lower. Some of the benefits of drinking cold drinks for sports, namely: Keep getting fluid intake while exercising, whether it